Your lungs need and deserve healthy indoor air

Indoor air pollution is an alarming health-life-threatening silent global issue.

How about the air quality you are inhaling right now?

Let us proudly present an easy way to purify and sanitise YOUR indoor air.

The brain, heart, and lungs are three essential organs for physical and mental well-being. Indoor air pollutants harm these organs and our overall health. We, in APSNAP-Tech, provide a comprehensive approach to tackling indoor air pollution, including raising awareness about the issue, providing tips and advice on protection, introducing a self-air purifying paint called APSNAP Smart Coating, and offering customised solutions to address individual needs.

APSNAP Smart Coating: Our revolutionary self-air purifying and sanitising paint, APSNAP Smart Coating, is a game-changer in the fight against indoor air pollution. This innovative solution actively eliminates harmful pollutants, ensuring the air you breathe is clean and safe.

It is a great honour for us to receive the Gold Medal 2023 from the International Federation of Inventors Association, IFIA. We thank IFIA, who believe in our invention, APSNAP, and its outstanding benefits and potential for enhancing indoor air quality for a healthier and safer life.
This accomplishment is a significant milestone in our striving to develop further APSNAP.
We are humbly thankful to all our team members whose efforts, dedication, knowledge and trust made the development of APSNAP possible. We hope to develop apsnap and find solid grounds to make APSNAP readily available and affordable globally to end-users suffering from poor indoor air quality.

when pure indoor air matters