when pure air matters

The problem

Indoor air pollutants are hidden enemies which make us unwell, ill or even silently kill us. This issue causes immense inefficiency and costs individuals, businesses and society a lot each year.

Indoor air pollutants can be invisible and silent killers.

We face millions of unhealthy invisible unknowns every day in our indoor spaces. Notably, we spend about 90% of our time indoors in urban areas.

Please be aware! Breathing clean indoor air is not guaranteed.

  • Indoor pollutants kill around 3 million people every year.
  • 630 million Children under 5 years old are exposed to air pollution.
  • 9 in 10 people breathe polluted air.
  • Polluted indoor air can cause stroke, heart disease, chronic breathing difficulties, lung cancer, and long-term damage to people's nerves, brain, kidneys, liver, and other organs.

Our vision and mission

Recognising the significance of tackling air pollution, specifically indoor air pollution, APSNAP-tech passionately advocates for promoting healthy air quality. Our vision is to ensure that everyone has access to clean and fresh indoor air, and we are dedicated to making this vision a reality.

In line with our vision, our mission is to raise awareness about the issue of indoor air pollution, empower individuals to take action and provide effective solutions for improving indoor air quality. We fully comprehend the detrimental effects of poor indoor air quality on the health of humans, plants, and pets. Therefore, we are committed to safeguarding indoor air quality for the well-being of individuals and all other species that inhabit our indoor spaces.

By prioritising the importance of addressing air pollution, both indoors and outdoors, APSNAP-tech strives to create a healthier environment for everyone. Our ultimate goal is to ensure everyone can breathe clean, fresh air free from harmful pollutants.

Our solution

Our team, APSNAP Tech, has developed a unique nano-tech-based additive that, mixed with water-based paints, creates a smart surface coating that easily purifies and sanitises constantly the indoor air.

Transform your walls easily into an efficient 24/7 smart indoor air purifier

Add and mix APSNAP with any water-based paint, apply it on your walls and let your walls 24/7 purify and sanitise your indoor air from air-borne pollutants,  bacteria, viruses, mould spores, odours and many other micro-organisms.

Your lungs need and deserve healthy indoor air

APSNAP presentation catalogue

Science behind

Hearing that walls coated with APSNAP Smart Coating will constantly purify the air, as threes and plants do, could sound magical and unbelievable at first glance. Still, APSNAP has been developed solely based on proven advanced science and technology. Its purifying and sanitising features simply follow chemical and physical reactions in nature for interacting with oxygen and air-borne water in the air to generate components, so-called free radicals and hydroxyls, for oxidising and destroying air pollutants on a molecule level.


In interaction with the moisture in indoor air, an APSNAP-coated wall is able, as a smart catalyst, to catch airborne pollutants and microorganisms and, through chemical reactions, disarm them by breaking their molecular structure. In that way, an APSNAP- Smart Coating on your walls will act as: 

  • A pollutant terminator,
  • An antibacterial disinfectant,
  • An anti-virus disinfectant,
  • An anti-mould agent,
  • An anti-odour operator,
  • A self-cleaning surface promoter

APSNAP presentation catalogue


People behind APSNAP are "clean air advocates" who support all steps, methods, equipment and processes which can genuinely result in healthy indoor air. However, we believe that APSNAP Smart Coating differs from other indoor air purifying solutions in the following aspects:

  • Highly efficient
  • Cost efficient
  • Long-life
  • Easy to use
  • Operating unmanned 24/7
  • Maintenance-free
  • No need for a power supply
  • Noiseless
  • Energy saving
  • Low carbon print

Technical report & patents

Several years of research, tons of experimental hours, laboratory tests, and qualified tests by third parties support our belief in APSNAP’s revolutionary ability to catch and destroy the most common NOX, VOCs, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in indoor air. In the document APSNAP, Technical Review, we summarise various tests and experiments and the obtained results accordingly. Despite that, we plan to perform several independent empiric and laboratory tests to illustrate and prove APSNAPS superior Health-enhancing factors in the upcoming months. Get your copy of

APSNAP and its various applications are currently pending, considering patent registration in Sweden and very soon for Europe and some other selected countries. APSNAP, Technical Report.

Our customers

We sincerely wish that APSNAP will contribute to healthier indoor air everywhere and for everyone. However, we have initially planned to offer APSNAP as various forms of Business to Business, B2B, to the following sectors:

  • Printing and coating manufacturers
  • Major-size paint shops and painting companies
  • DIY/Home improvement stores
  • Property owners and landlords
  • Property developers and managing companies
  • Major construction companies

APSNAP presentation catalogue

Discover the benefits of APSNAP Smart Coating.

Let us send you a digital copy of the APSNAP Smart Coating fact sheet.


Other purposes

Due to APSNAP's fantastic features and adaptable structural properties, a wide range of other materials, together with APSNAP, can smartly purify and sanitise your indoor air from pollutants, microorganisms, odours, and moulds.

Currently, we are working on developing new applications of the APSNAP on other materials, such as

  • Fabrics
  • Textiles
  • Plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Glas
  • Air filters

APSNAP's end users

Our lungs need and deserve healthy air everywhere. However, we may be more frequently or under longer in some indoor spaces, in addition to our homes, exposed to pollutants in the air or from other people around us. Such spaces include schools, nurseries, health care facilities, hotels, conference venues, classrooms, sports facilities, elderly homes, offices, shops or public places. Therefore, besides all other preventive measures, APSNAP SMART COATED walls, ceilings or other surfaces purify and sanitise the indoor air efficiently and effortlessly.

Collaborate with us

Solving issues with Indoor Air Quality is an essential life-saving and complex field which can engage people with various knowledge, expertise, backgrounds, and experiences. The team behind APSNAP-tech has spent tons of hours developing this invention/product. However, we seriously welcome you who can, in one way or another, contribute to further progress to join our team. Let us together save people's life.

Invest in APSNAP-tech

Improving indoor air quality is a vast and worldwide issue. People will gradually become more aware of this issue, and many will desire a sustainable solution. We have a proper and evidence-based market insight considering the paints and coating market, which will be the initial collaborative industry for applying APSNAP. We believe investing in APSNAP Tech will save lives and create colossal profitability with a quick and safe return on your investment. We need committed investors to offer more people APSNAP. Please join us NOW!

Our Team

Our journey for developing APSNAP tech started years ago. People with various backgrounds and profiles have joined us along the way to create a valuable and game-changing product for saving the life. In addition to the scientific inventor, a PH D Bio Chemist and the conceptual inventor, a Civil Engineer, our core team currently includes eminent members with expertise in virology (Ph. D), marketing&sales, property management, Biology&Biophysic(Ph. D), Design&Healt (Prof.), and Eco-ISO certification. In addition, some other talented members support us in the operative tasks.

Your lungs need and deserve healthy indoor air